What is Cloud Computing and How Can It Help Your Business

Posted By Remote Techs On 31-August-2022

Cloud computing is one of the most talked-about buzzwords in business IT circles, and it’s not hard to see why. But, of course, cloud technology is nothing new; it has simply become more popular. In our constantly connected world, many people take advantage of its power and convenience daily without giving it a second thought. But business cloud computing from Remote Techs can take things to a new level, opening up a world of possibilities for small companies and larger enterprise organizations alike.

But is it worth implementing for your business?

What is Cloud Computing?

Devices connected to the digital cloud – Laptop, tablet and smartphone connecting to the virtual cloud

Cloud computing is the on-demand delivery of computing services over the Internet. Services can include storage, data processing, software, networking, analytics, and other IT resources. Whatever the case, your business receives everything over the Internet, eliminating the need for traditional physical assets.

Typically, companies like yours will work with a managed service provider (MSP) to develop an enterprise cloud service package that includes features needed to keep operations running smoothly. The best part? Business cloud services are flexible enough to meet your precise needs, no matter how often they change.

The Technology Behind the Enterprise Cloud Computing

This technology is possible thanks to remote data centers. Instead of using resources from a local device you store and manage on-site, you use your high-speed Internet connection to link up to a more expansive enterprise cloud network. The business cloud network has a robust, well-maintained infrastructure for optimal performance. Some of the cloud providers that Remote Techs works with have hundreds of data centers worldwide.

When your company implements enterprise cloud computing technology, you’re essentially “renting” resources and using them to streamline your daily operations.

There are a few different categories of business cloud computing. The first is software-as-a-service (SaaS). It’s the most common, and you may utilize it already. With a SaaS business cloud model, you can access programs and platforms without hosting any of the servers that operate it. Some of the most widely used SaaS solutions in the business world are Google Docs, SalesForce, and Dropbox.

Next, there’s platform-as-a-service (PaaS). This technology uses an enterprise cloud environment to build, deploy, and manage software applications. But, it’s primarily for businesses wanting to launch new software products without building the infrastructure needed to make it happen.

Finally, we have infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS). IaaS is one of the more flexible options, allowing you to rent IT infrastructure. Companies can use IaaS to rent servers, virtual machines, storage, firewalls, networking equipment, load balancers, WiFi access points and more.

Business Cloud Technology in Action

Cloud computing is a game-changer that can push your company’s productivity and efficiency to new heights. Whether you’re a small startup, a growing local business, or a massive enterprise with hundreds of employees doesn’t matter. There are many ways you can utilize this technology. Here’s a small list of use cases and benefits.

Data Analytics

We live in a time when businesses can easily collect a treasure trove of data from corporate endpoints. However, few organizations put that data to good use. With business cloud computing from Remote Techs, you can finally process and analyze massive quantities of data to get insights into your operational output and customer buying patterns. Use enterprise cloud computing to make data-driven decisions and push for continued growth.

Operational Redundancy

Enterprise cloud computing is crucial for business continuity. When you host and manage an IT infrastructure in-house, you’re in charge of maintenance, repairs, and other critical duties to keep things up and running. So what happens when systems crash? You’re out of luck and have no choice but to cease operations and lose money.

Enterprise cloud technology gives you that operational redundancy to keep going. Backup systems are a failsafe solution that helps you recover, restore, and secure data in the worst-case scenario.

Optimized Performance and Workflows

When you implement enterprise cloud solutions from Remote Techs, you’re harnessing the power of massive infrastructure. Your services may run on a global network of updated and well-maintained data centers. As a result, you can experience lower latency, fast computing speeds, and more.

Take advantage of that performance boost to improve how your company operates. Enterprise cloud software can give you access to efficient tools and capabilities. From powerful automation to real-time data analysis, it’s all possible with the cloud.

Secure Storage

Cloud storage is one of the most popular uses of this technology. The days of paper storage are over, but more companies realize that even a local digital file repository has its downsides. First, there’s always a risk of physical damage to hard drives. Pair that with low-security barriers, and you could put your entire business at risk storing locally.

Those worries are a thing of the past with enterprise cloud computing. Your files live off-site and stay protected with backups and a host of middleware security protocols.

Easy Accessibility

Don’t let the remote nature of enterprise cloud systems fool you. This technology is all about accessibility. Because your resources aren’t local, your teams can access them from anywhere. All it takes is the proper access credentials and authorization.

Detail who gets access to what, and your teams can work remotely, collaborate from miles away, and use the resources they need to boost your bottom line. In the new work-from-home era, business cloud computing is an indispensable technology.

Development and Testing

A robust business cloud service is paramount if your business revolves around software development. Unfortunately, building the infrastructure to develop and test software is not cheap. It can eat up entire project budgets, severely limiting what you can do.

But with the cloud, your organization can provision resources, create virtual machines, and set up the perfect, low-risk testing environment.

Cost Efficiency

Have you ever considered how much you could save by harnessing enterprise cloud solutions? Unfortunately, relying on physical assets is a substantial financial burden that could hold your company back. Some of your most significant expenses include purchasing new equipment, ongoing maintenance, software licensing, and more. On top of that, installation costs, hiring an in-house IT team, and a myriad of unknown expenses will occur.

You don’t have to worry about that with enterprise cloud computing solutions from Remote Techs. There are initial upfront installation costs and ongoing subscription fees per user. The price will vary from one cloud computing provider to the next and your specific setup, but you can expect to experience significant savings. Not only that, but implementing a new cloud solution requires minimal downtime. You can be up and running in only a couple of weeks.

It’s significantly more affordable to take advantage of business cloud computing solutions. Then, use that money elsewhere to grow your business!


Business cloud solutions are the epitome of flexibility. When you’re a small organization trying to grow, every dollar counts. So you don’t want to spend a fortune on a costly IT infrastructure you may or may not use.

Fortunately, cloud computing solves that issue. Pay for the resources you actively use and nothing more. Then, when it’s time to expand, provisioning more business cloud resources takes minutes. Scale up or down as your organization evolves and take your budget further.

Harnessing the Power of the Cloud

As you can see, there are countless ways to implement business cloud computing. No matter the size of your organization, this technology can transform your operations for the better. It’s a cost-saver, productivity booster, workflow optimizer, and more.

Business cloud computing can take your business to a new level. So don’t let your current IT setup hold you or your team back. With cloud computing, you can grow on your terms and scale your cloud infrastructure to match your ever-evolving needs.

Ready to see what a business cloud solution can do for your company? Reach out to Remote Techs today to learn more and get a quote on implementing cloud computing technology at your business.