Create a Secure Environment for Remote Workers

Posted By Remote Techs On 26-October-2022

Having remote workers in your business is a great way to expand cost-effectiveness and helps your business grow. But, unfortunately, many businesses have issued remote workers limited access to the network to protect important information. Knowing this, hackers are finding creative ways to access networks and steal vital information.

It is important to ensure your remote workers have proper security protections in place not only to protect their personal devices but also to secure networks and data. Here are three ways to help protect your remote workers:

Define Acceptable Usage Policies: First and foremost, it’s important to have clearly defined policies for your work-from-home employees. These policies should address the use of internet browsers, hardware, and recording devices. Then, create clear rules and enforce the policies.

Use encrypted email: Email is the most common form of business communication people use to communicate remotely. Unfortunately, it is also a favorite method of hackers to sneak peeks at sensitive information and compromise your company’s security. Fortunately, solutions exist that can help you eliminate this risk. Encrypted email is a type of email that only the sender and the recipient can read. This ensures that if the email falls into the wrong hands, the hacker will not be able to read its contents.

Use Virtual Private Networks: Virtual Private Networks allow your remote workers to safely connect to your networks without exposing your network to the risk from their devices. VPNs create a secure tunnel between your networks and remote workers. VPNs provide excellent protection and are a very cost-effective solution.

Employers are quickly learning the benefits of having remote workers. With the right security in place, it’s a great way to expand your business and cut costs. However, with hackers getting more creative in their attack methods, it’s important to ensure your remote workers have the proper protections in place. By using these secure means of communicating and protecting your networks, you can feel confident that you can protect your valuable data from prying eyes.

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