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Posted By Remote Techs On 11-January-2023

Looking for a reliable IT partner in Los Angeles? There’s a good reason Remote Techs is the first choice for businesses looking for a managed IT services company in California. We have been servicing Los Angeles businesses for over 25 years and are based right here in Los Angeles! We don’t just provide comprehensive services, we offer 24/7/365 monitoring and support so you can rest assured that any downtime will be dealt with promptly.

When you choose us for managed IT services in Los Angeles, we’ll perform an onboarding assessment and create a service plan that fits the needs of your business. We offer several service plans that are designed around our customers’ needs. While most businesses choose our goldservice plan, which includes all of our IT services, we will discuss your needs and choose a plan that is best suited for your business. A dedicated account manager and virtual CIO will work directly with executives to create IT solutions that integrate directly with business plans. While general IT services respond to your operation’s current needs, a CIO creates strategies for future business development.

Once we’re working for you, we will continue to evaluate your IT solutions, performing monthly summaries and quarterly business reports. That way, your IT system stays on track, so your equipment and services will be up to handling your growing business.

Is your current IT solution less than ideal? We know how complex and idiosyncratic aging and mismanaged systems can get. We’ll help you update your systems so it’s unified, reliable and easy to manage. We’ve even helped companies turn their paper records into fast, easy-to-access online databases.

Can’t find a software package that meets your needs? We’ll help you find the right software., and if no off-the-shelf solution is available, we can build custom software packages to fit your need exactly.

There’s no place where the phrase “time is money” is more true than in your technology systems. Your staff and business partners depend on it for work, and your customers depend on it to access your services. Since we’re a managed IT services company in California, we’re located where you do business. By choosing Remote Techs, you’ll get to choose between using remote staff exclusively or having someone on-site to manage your systems. Our plans include unlimited on-site response and live help desk services all based here in the USA. That way, help is always available, whether you’re having minor issues or a major outage.

When you hire us for your managed IT services in Los Angeles, we’ll cover all aspects of your system. We offer support for all of your software, patching the operating systems, Microsoft apps and third party applications, so you’ll always have the latest bug fixes. We also offer hardware support, covering computers, network hardware and servers.

Want to use cloud services? We can help you with cloud-based applications like Google Cloud, Microsoft 365 and Azure, as well as SaaS backups. We’ll even set up your internal servers to act as your own private cloud, adjusting their size automatically to get the most from your hardware.

Remote Techs packages are structured to offer complete managed IT services, including hardware management. We’ll work with suppliers to set up reliable, affordable solutions that fit your business, covering everything from workstations and network cables to servers and UPS systems.

Having printing problems? We can set up a managed printing service that will keep your cost per page low while ensuring issues are repaired as soon as they appear. As we develop your hardware and software solutions, we will set up asset tracking across your entire system. This includes hardware, software licenses, and domain names, as well as services for ordering, shipping, and receiving assets. This makes your IT solution easier to manage and makes it easier to identify equipment losses.

Even the most up-to-date system isn’t immune to outside attacks. That’s why we include a virus, malware, and ransomware protection. We use Barracuda Spam Firewall, the leading solution for stopping email spam and scams. This checks both internal and external emails against Barracuda’s spam database, cutting out junk mail and stopping the spread of viruses. We also actively manage your network’s firewall to protect it from other cyberattacks. Of course, we wouldn’t be one of the top-managed IT services in Los Angeles if we didn’t provide backups and disaster recovery. If your system is attacked, we can get you back online in no time. We can set up backup systems that are HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley-compliant, protecting your clients and investors while keeping your business on the right side of the law.

Of course, the best managed IT services in California can’t protect your business if your staff is leaking login credentials and other critical information. We will help you with policies, training and access. That way, your employees only have access to the parts of the system they need, and they’ll know how to avoid compromising the system. We’ll also conduct regular evaluations, so you can be sure everyone on your staff knows how to identify, avoid and report scammers.

If you’re looking for managed IT services in Los Angeles, contact Remote Techs.

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