• Protect your data from hackers
  • Protect your data from hardware failure
  • Comply with industry regulations such as HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley.
  • Restore lost data within hours
  • Restore entire servers and networks within a day
  • Restore your entire environment, not just your files

This Really Happened

It was a normal Tuesday at the auto dealership until one of the new employees unknowingly clicked on an email that was cleverly worded as a request for pricing. And just like that - a workstation and server were hacked. Their server housed thousands of files containing customer information, financial details, social security numbers, and more. The malware that was installed by the hackers made it clear that unless they were paid $6,000 within 48 hours, the dealership would never get their data back.

As one of the larger Truck and SUV dealerships in LA, they had a lot to lose. Most importantly; the trust they had built with their customers. Word of mouth travels fast in this world of social media and customer review sites. Thankfully, when we started working with them, they saw the value in Disaster Recovery.

The hackers had encrypted their data, but it was quickly recoverable as the backup system had hourly backups allowing the option to pinpoint a time just 45 minutes before the encryption had occurred. The malware attack had left the server's operating system inoperable, and the domain along with the network was suffering. But the BUDR, running since day 1 allowed us to spin up copies of their server quickly and safely within hours. They had had access to their files and critical line of business applications within 2 hours, and they were completely back up and running within 8 hours as if nothing had happened.

Why Remote Techs?

In this case, we installed Piece of Mind. Some businesses need more of this than others. Any business that handles its customers' personal or financial information needs Piece of Mind. Networks get hacked daily. No network is 100% impervious to a hacker attack. Just like the best home security system can't guarantee your home will never get broken into.

As a business owner you can take away the hackers power to disrupt your business by backing up your data hourly and storing it safely on alternate systems. Keeping copies offsite also addresses any concerns about theft, and/or physical damage to your building. When it comes to your valuable data, this kind of piece-of-mind is priceless.