Automatic Mobile Picture Sync Coming To Windows 10


Microsoft has made numerous ventures into the smartphone ecosystem, but so far, they’ve only been met with limited success. This time, they’re trying something a little different.

Instead of making…

Connecting To Aiport Wi-Fi Puts Your Data At Risk


File this away under things you already knew. Coronet recently released a report entitled “Attention All Passengers: Airport Networks Are Putting Your Devices & Cloud Apps At Severe Risk,”…

Twitter Is Getting Tough On Apps


Twitter has long had a reputation for being at the mercy of bots that have been used to sway public discourse and opinion.

Often, these bots are controlled via Twitter…

E-Mail Is A Big Threat To Your Organization


Mimecast’s 2018 “State of Email Security” report is out, and although it’s contents are hardly a surprise, the news it contains is mostly bad.

For starters, it confirms what most…