• Instill confidence and clarity with your customers and prospects about what you do, and why you do it
  • Give a clear and compelling reason to your prospects for doing business with you
  • Ensure that your employees understand your business and how it affects them
  • Create strategic separation from your competition


It’s not fun being viewed as a commodity. And that’s exactly what was happening with Ron’s home inspection business. Always getting beaten up on price and working with people that treated his company as a necessary evil that had to be put up with.

We showed him how this was the result of the lack of focus on what his business is and who it is for. We directed Ron and his partners to take a hard look at who they are. This sparked discussion, debate, even some flat-out argument. In their case, this was necessary to arrive at their brand.

The next step was educating their employees, then their customers. Finally, they brought this to their defined prospects. Before they had a developed brand, everyone was their prospect. Now, their audience is very defined, and they know exactly what to communicate to these people. This resulted in a dramatic increase in the kind of clients that they want to work with. Higher margins, happier employees, less drama.


Our story is similar to Ron’s. What we do is often considered a commodity. We have taken the time and energy to make sure our defined brand resonates with our defined audience. Every business is different, but at the heart of them all is a group of humans that want to work with people that they Know, Like, and Trust. We are great at helping you arrive at the raw elements of who you are. We then help guide you in distilling this into a mission statement, a unique selling proposition, a target audience, a visual identity, and much more. If you are in a competitive industry and you don’t have a clearly defined brand, then let’s talk today.