Business WiFi

  • Complete facility coverage
  • Easy cloud management
  • A single network with multiple ID’s
  • Production and guest networks
  • Robust wireless security
  • Mobility handoffs throughout your workspaces


We were introduced to an auto body shop that needed WiFi coverage throughout 3 connected buildings. They needed to run their repair orders over multiple tablets throughout 10,000 square feet of workspace layered with brick walls, heavy equipment and lots of metal. They had been using 3 separate wireless routers with separate SSID’s and no central point of management. That meant if they wanted to walk from one part of the building to another (and if the router didn’t auto switch) they would have to disconnect from one router and manually connect to the one that had a better signal. For about the same price as they had paid for the separate routers, we installed a mesh network which allowed them to travel between access points with no drop in coverage and no break in the flow of network traffic. We then added another layer of security by installing a separate guest network with no connection to their production systems. They now have the seamless network they’ve always wanted, and their internet speed has never been faster. These efficiencies have made a big impact on their workday and they were surprised how something as simple as their WiFi network can make such a big difference in their daily productivity.


With the improved speed, reliability, and portability of mobile devices it is critical for businesses to have a stable, single WiFi network. Remote Techs will test your environment for weak and trouble areas. We will then design and install a system that will keep your connections secure, and your staff productive and happy. And ask us about getting a complimentary network assessment (a $499 value) performed at your offices.