Business WiFi

  • Complete facility coverage
  • Easy cloud management
  • A single network with multiple ID’s
  • Production and guest networks
  • Robust wireless security
  • Mobility handoffs throughout your workspaces


We were introduced to an auto body shop that needed WiFi coverage throughout 3 connected buildings. They needed to run their repair orders over multiple tablets throughout 10,000 square feet of workspace layered with brick walls, heavy equipment and lots of metal. They had been using 3 separate wireless routers with separate SSID’s and no central point of management. That meant if they wanted to walk from one part of the building to another (and if the router didn’t auto switch) they would have to disconnect from one router and manually connect to the one that had a better signal. For about the same price as they had paid for the separate routers, we installed a mesh network which allowed them to travel between access points with no drop in coverage and no break in the flow of network traffic. We then added another layer of security by installing a separate guest network with no connection to their production systems. They now have the seamless network they’ve always wanted, and their internet speed has never been faster. These efficiencies have made a big impact on their workday and they were surprised how something as simple as their WiFi network can make such a big difference in their daily productivity.

Business WiFi and Wireless Solutions

WiFi is one of the most significant changes in this business since the invention of the personal computer and mobile devices. Over the past few years, WiFi has become necessary for companies to implement within their business walls. Many Los Angeles businesses have already embraced this technology but often get confused with the various options. So why would you spend extra for Business WiFi rather than the less expensive residential WiFi? Remote Techs is a Los Angeles based IT system provider that can provide answers to all your wireless needs.

Services Offered by Remote Techs

Business WiFi and wireless solutions are available to virtually any business. Our primary services are:

1 – Cloud Management

One of the services they offer is Cloud Management. Cloud has always been a popular solution for businesses because of its professional image and availability on multiple devices. With Cloud Management, your business can have its private cloud for streaming videos and sharing files, allowing your employees to work from anywhere. You can also access folders in the cloud from any device with internet access.

2 – Security

Security is an essential aspect of any business. However, some companies may want to invest in a more secure network because of the sensitive information they handle or the number of users in their facility. We can provide your business with a secured wireless solution that allows you to monitor data traffic, encrypt data and block specific devices or places from connecting to your site.

3 – Guest Network

One of the benefits of a wireless network is that you can share your internet connection with others. These Guest Networks allow users to connect to the internet without jeopardizing your internal company data. In addition, the guest network blocks any access to specific servers and information.

4 – Coverage

As businesses grow, their needs will change. When those needs change, the company might require more coverage. A standard wireless network can connect to all wireless devices in its range. Still, with increased coverage, you can have multiple access points that join together and provide a larger coverage area, reducing dead spots throughout your building and expanding into new installations if needed.

Benefits of Business WiFi and Wireless Solutions in Los Angeles

Business WiFi and wireless solutions are great options for any business. Here are some of the benefits that we offer.

1 – Reliable

Business WiFi and wireless solutions provide a robust and reliable connection to the internet, your website, social media, and other important information, allowing customers to access your business’s information and services effortlessly. As a Los Angeles based company, Remote Techs knows that reliability is essential when building a network. As a result, your networks receive daily monitoring to ensure they are up-to-date and provide reliable service for years to come.

2 – Affordable

Many businesses are concerned about the cost of building or upgrading their wireless network. Business WiFi and wireless solutions are a great solution to this problem because they are both affordable and long-lasting.

3 – Better Performance

With Business WiFi, employees can connect from any device at any time. Employees won’t have to worry about the distance from their phones or WiFi connection. A standard WiFi connection is shared among all devices making it more difficult for clients to connect with your company’s information or services. Remote Techs ensures that your business’s
connection is fast, reliable, and responsive.

4 – Enhanced Security

Business WiFi and wireless solutions in Los Angeles offer enhanced security options. Some businesses may be interested in using a secure network for the sensitive information they handle or to better monitor data traffic. Remote Techs can create a network with security options that meet your company’s needs. As a Los Angeles baded systems provider, we understand the importance of security and provide a secure network for your business’ data.

5 – Expandable

With the right equipment, expanding your wireless footprint to meet your company’s needs is easy and cost-efficient. As your business grows, you may want to add more access points or network devices or change from one type of connection to another. Remote Techs offers these connection options and much more by providing all of their services in one location, allowing them to serve your business needs better.

Why Remote Techs?

We have provided business-grade wireless systems throughout the Los Angeles area for over 20 years, from tiny offices to entire buildings. Businesses rely on having technology work for them, which is why we only suggest using the latest technologies and providing business owners with the right solution for their needs. Remote Techs should be your provider of choice with a reliable, affordable, and secure solution for your business.
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