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Zoom Unveils New Productivity Tools


While holding its Zoomtopia event on November 8, 2022, the video conferencing giant announced the release of two brand-new productivity tools for Zoom users.

In addition…

Firefox 106 Update: What’s New and Improved


On October 18, 2022, Firefox 106 Stable and Firefox 102.4 ESR were released to the public.

New features

A new Colorways theme, Firefox view, PDF editing, text recognition, and extraction on…

Cloudflare Revolutionizes CAPTCHAs


Turnstile, an ambitious new project from Cloudflare, aims to do away with the CAPTCHAs that are now being used on the internet to confirm users are not robots.

Turnstile utilizes…

Create a Secure Environment for Remote Workers


Having remote workers in your business is a great way to expand cost-effectiveness and helps your business grow. But, unfortunately, many businesses have issued remote workers limited access to…

Microsoft Edge Improves Performance


Engineers at Microsoft recently announced performance improvements for their Edge browser.  A blog post that the company published recently explained how.

A blog post from the…

Tesla Introduces Optimus Robot Prototype


Tesla introduces the humanoid Optimus robot prototype and claims to be aiming for a price of under $20,000.

After the event started, Tesla’s eagerly anticipated humanoid robot was unveiled. The…