Current Rates

All monthly service charges are due on the first day of each service month. Charges less than $1000/month MUST be enrolled in ACH or Credit Card autopay. To do so, the authorization forms below must be filled out and returned to before services can begin.

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ItemDetailsAdditional Costs
Core Services
Managed Devices/Users

Devices are covered under this agreement. Additional devices added to this agreement will increase the monthly total at $110 per device. Each Device includes the following: · Exchange Email Account · Office 365 (Word / Excel / Outlook / PowerPoint) · Antivirus / Antimalware · Huntress · Other Software’s as applicable

E-mail Accounts

One email account is included per paid user. If additional emails are needed, they will be added to the monthly charge. Distribution groups are unlimited at no cost.

Microsoft Office Subscriptions

Remote Techs will manage all Microsoft Office subscriptions and will ensure that Office 365 Basic is installed on each computer per user. Additional 365 Basic Subscriptions needed will be charged at $10 / month.

Spam E-mail Filter

An enterprise email filter is included for each email account. The brand used may vary depending on the needs of the client. Each additional account will be adjusted on the monthly invoice.

Networks /Wireless

This is the number of locations covered under this agreement.


We will maintain and support the number of servers listed in this agreement. . Each Device includes the following: · Enterprise AI Managed Antivirus / Antimalware · Huntress · NeuSheild · Other Software’s as applicable


Printer Service and Support on basic issues is included. Physical repairs to inoperable hardware may require Vendor Management and additional charges may apply. (30% of total devices covered as printers)

Managed Firewalls

Remote Techs will manage and maintain an existing SonicWALL firewall. This does not include Annual renewal costs for hardware or software updates and will be billed annually when updated.

Backup Services
Local Backup Only

Backups are done on servers only. This DOES NOT include local device backups. Additional servers will increase the monthly charge. (Liability Waiver required if this is the only backup.)

Disaster Recovery Base

Dedicated server for Disaster Recovery / Hypervisor and software-based backups with hourly snapshots / deduplication and file / folder plus bare metal restores. This included 1 physical server with up to 3 virtual machines. This cost includes Local Backups.

Disaster Recovery Addtl Devices

This is additional physical servers or virtual machines above the base above.

Disaster Recovery Offsite Storage

Offsite storage includes 2TB. Each additional TB will be added to the monthly invoice.

Phone Services
Phone Server / PBX

Phone Server maintenance provided as part of the service, inclusive of maintenance and patching of the vendors equipment as required. Troubleshooting issues and problems are included.


Phone maintenance and support is not covered under this agreement. Vendor Management will be used on a case by case basis. Additional charges from such vendors will be billed separately.

SIP Trunk

SIP Trunks or Calling Paths can be provided as part of a contract / by quote

Min $30+/mo

Paging features for Phone Servers supported above.

Min $30+/mo
Web / Internet Services
Website Webmaster

Simple changes and updates to your website are included in your service agreement. This does not include the creation of new copy, custom graphics, photography or videography. Additional pages will incur additional cost.

$100/per page
Web Hosting

Hosting is included for up to 1 websites. Additional domain hosting will be billed additionally and start at $15/month for 100MB space.


Magento Web Site w/ 20GB File Storage + 50GB Transfer / Additional 1GB Transfer is $3/GB / Additional File Storage is $1.75/GB

$3/mo Or $1.75/mo
Management / Consulting / Projects

The virtual CIO is here for you to consult on technology improvements that are needed to be made company-wide. Although we limit the number of hours to 6 for the year, you can add more time as needed.

Project Management

Dedicated Project Manager for a fixed fee per month with a minimum number of hours. On a contract per contract basis for tech projects and development.

CIO / C Level Consulting

Chief Information Office / Chief Technical Officer consulting hours available for projects, application choices and solving business problems with Technology choices.

Billable Hours Rates
Project LaborStandard RatesContract Discounted Rates
Onsite Service Rates$180/hr$110/hr
Onsite Wiring$180/drop$150/drop
Graphics/Website Programmer$225/hr$175/hr
Database Programmer (ex: MS Access / MS SQL)$250/hr$175/hr
Network/Systems Engineer (ex: Cisco CCE / Microsoft MCSE)$250/hr$175/hr
In-Shop Service Rates$125/hr$90/hr
New Technology Deployment (ex: new workstation, new or upgraded line of business application, etc.)$125/hr$110/hr
After Hours, Weekends and Holiday Projects$225/hr$175/hr
Moves and Changes Physically (ex: move computers to other locations)$300/each$150/each