Data Centers

Data Center Infrastructure Buildout

Designing an infrastructure that boosts savings and efficiency.

In this step of the application and workload migration process, our team of infrastructure engineers will handle the physical deployment of all necessary hardware, software and network technology. This is the actual design of your purpose-built data center with leading tech and storage assets.

Core Elements of Data Center Infrastructure Buildout with Align

Network Buildout

Data center hardware and software that is built to the needs of applications, customers and internal users in your business. This includes storage hardware and integration with LUN storage configurations.

Custom Systems and Operations Services

We provide purpose-built server operating systems, database management systems, operations management services and directory services tailored to your enterprise.

Rack and Stack Configuration

We will ensure that all data center hardware is installed efficiently in data center racks and existing configurations. Our engineer team knows IT efficiency, whether it’s in cloud services or conservative hardware installation.

Virtual Environment Support

We create custom infrastructure builds that support and introduce a range of virtual technologies from leading vendors, like VMware, Xen, KVM and Hyper-V.

Cabling and Patching Services

We provide schedule-based patching services and cabling to link pre-staged networks and fiber patches to their port locations.

Dedicated Project Management

Our team of infrastructure architects and cloud management experts will guide you through the entire buildout phase, ensuring project completion on time and within budget.

How Much Does Network Cabling Cost?

Typical Range:$187 – $630

Find out how much your project will cost.