Document Management

  • Search for files and paperwork without leaving your desk
  • Decrease its storage and office space
  • Save time with the organization of documents
  • Search quickly across all files for information
  • Improve security and manage the access of its most sensitive documents
Document Management


After 20 years in business, a thriving Real Estate Investment firm was struggling with their documentation process. With 800+ boxes in storage, and an average of 10 additional boxes coming in per month, it was impossible for them to find the documents they needed in a timely manner. They needed fast, daily access to over 2 million paper documents that were being stored in a building down the street from their main office. Even with optimal scheduling it still took days between requesting a document and finally obtaining it.

After determining what their needs were, we found a document management solution that would give them the ability to search millions of pages with simple phrases, both a mobile and web client for remote access, and a scanning intake system that would use bar-codes to sort the documents being scanned. We teamed up with a company capable of back-scanning 2.57 million pages in less than 2 months, and the client had the perfect solution for paperwork management.

6 months after implementation our client has found the time savings to be an absolute game-changer. The ability to quickly search for specific real estate conditions has changed the way they do business by making it far easier to save money on multiple properties instead of just one. Contract negotiations have changed as the client can compare vendors and costs across all properties within minutes rather than days.


These are complicated projects with several moving parts. Knowing the right products, the correct servers and workstations, the correct scanners, and the trusted partners who can accurately scan that volume of pages – this means working with a team who has done it before. It takes the best possible solutions, built on top of the industry leading software platforms, by tech mavens who do this on a daily basis. These are elevated choices made by businesses who want to become more efficient and leverage the information contained within all of their documents so that they can perform at a higher level. It’s raw information they seek so that they can make better daily decisions faster.