• How your computers will be used
  • What features are needed
  • If they need to be portable
  • Speed and performance requirements
  • Warranty

This Really Happened

We were introduced to a new client that was looking to replace several workstations in their network. A year prior, they had just spent well into the 5 figures for these workstations. We asked why they wanted to replace them and they explained that they purchased them online from one of the big online stores that was having a holiday sale. Initially, they were very happy with the purchase because they had saved about 30% compared to what other stores were charging. Within 4 months they began to experience random issues with hardware and software. When they contacted the vendor, they were told that the workstations had a 90-day warranty and that they would need to pay for the repairs. The time and money they spent over the next 6 months on downtime, replacing hardware, and labor, was worth significantly more than the initial savings. So many times, people look for the cheapest entry point to technology without understanding what they are sacrificing. Remote Techs will help you find the right solution for the best price possible, without sacrificing your business's profitability.

Why Remote Techs?

Choosing the right system for your needs can be a daunting task. Often, we are asked what a good system is and if we can recommend the right solution for them. Remote Techs has been selling end user systems for over 25 years and has vast knowledge in the best brands and options to suit your needs. We are always price conscious and will find the right solution to fit your budget. Before you go to a computer chain store or an online retailer, consider speaking with one of our solutions professionals about how we can help.