F.A.Q Section

Frequently Asked Questions

These are answers some of the more common questions our customer have.

Tech Support Questions

Q:     How do I get technical support assistance?


A:     There are 3 ways to get technical support from Remote Techs.
1. Send an Email to support@remotetechs.com explaining the issues you are having.
2. Login to our support system by clicking the Remote Techs logo in the system tray of your computer (next to the clock).
3. Call us at 626-398-4004 opt 2 (for phone support)

Email Questions

Q:     How do I check my email from anywhere?


A:     First you must have an internet connection and a web browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape) and go to the following link. http://mail.remotetechs.com You must know your login username and password.If you have forgotten your login information please call 626-398-4004


Q:     How do I setup my email on my computer?


A:     There are several mail programs that are used to check your email (Outlook, apple mail etc). The following can be used with any of them.


Outgoing (SMTP) Mail Server = mail.yourdomain.com
Incomming (POP3) Mail Server = mail.yourdomain.com

Username is your email address
Password was assigned to you previously
CLICK HERE for a step by step walk through.