Low Voltage Contractors

Where to find Low Voltage Contractors

There are several best practices to utilize when searching for and eventually hiring the right Low Voltage Contractor for your project. Here’s a list to consider:

  • Types of systems they install
  • Geographic location and reach
  • Industries for which they have performed work
  • Lists or logos of companies they have performed work for
  • Lists of projects they have completed

Getting a Quote from a Low Voltage Contractor

Once you’ve compiled a list of potential contractors, the fun begins. You want them to quote your project and your aim is to hire the right one at the best value. This does NOT necessarily mean low bid. Reach out to the companies on your list via your preferred method: email from their website or give them a call (my preferred, if the list is short… ask for an estimator).

There is also Invitation to Bid software out there that major electrical and general contractors use, but that is another subject.

Make sure you have information handy that they will need in order to give you a comprehensive quote. Details may include:

  • Brief description of the overall project and a summary of what the low voltage scope of work involves
  • How they can access the plans and specifications for the project (if any)
  • The date and time they are required to get you a quote
  • Any site visit date/times for an existing facility that they need to attend
  • Reporting and remote management

How Much Does Network Cabling Cost?

Typical Range:$187 – $630

Find out how much your project will cost.