Managed Services

Managed Services

Why Remote Techs for Managed Services?

Not every business needs our level of managed services; much in the same way how not every person looking to get into better physical shape needs a personal trainer. Most people join a gym, read the how-to posters on the wall, show up a few times per week and get mixed results. Others who are focused on measurably improving their health understand the need for measurable results. Managed services can provide Agility, speed, and security to your system.They hire a good personal trainer who learns about their goals, shows up daily, empowers them with knowledge, holds them accountable, shows them what to do, how to eat, and how to view their relationship with their mind and body. The result is happiness, confidence, and real results. If your business is more like the latter, then our Managed Services would be the best fit for you, and if you would like to discuss how we can help your business’s network be what it needs to be then our executive will contact you in one business day.


Assuming 50 PCs to maintain

Annual Staff Cost

– Salary $75,000
– Payroll Tax $6,400
– Vacation/Sick Days $3,000
– Related Expenses $5,000
– Remote Monitoring & Ticketing $24,000


– Software costs
– $275 per year, per PC: $13,750



Annual Salary Cost

– Maintenance Only (Only when things break)
– 15 hours per PC x
– $125/hour


– Software costs
– $275 per year, per PC: $13,750



– Unlimited On-Site & Remote Support
– Network Assessment and Report
– 24/7/365 Proactive Support
– Management and Support
– Backup & Disaster Recovery
– Anti Virus
– Anti Malware
– Barracuda Spam Filtering
– Microsoft Office 365
– Microsoft Exchange Email
– Managed Firewall
– VoIP Phone Support
– Printer Support
– Quarterly Business Reviews
– Monthly Summary Reports

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Managed Service Plan Features

= Included in package   
ADD-ON = Usage-based charges may apply   
= Most Common Service Plan

Proactive Planning, Consulting and Reporting Services BRONZE SILVER GOLD PLATINUM
Onboarding Assessment
Quarterly Business Review with Metrics Analysis and Improvement Recommendations
Runbook Creation and Maintenance
Virtual CIO Services ADD-ON ADD-ON ADD-ON
24x7x365 Support Services, Local, National and U.S. Based BRONZE SILVER GOLD PLATINUM
Unlimited Live Help Desk ADD-ON
Unlimited Emergency On-site Response ADD-ON ADD-ON
Third Party Escalation Support ADD-ON
Scheduled Dedicated Engineer (On-site or Remote) ADD-ON ADD-ON
Support for User Adds, Removes and Changes ADD-ON
Support for User Applications and Hardware ADD-ON
Support for Data Restore from Backup ADD-ON
224x7x365 Patch Management Services BRONZE SILVER GOLD PLATINUM
Managed Windows OS Patching
Managed Microsoft App Patching
Managed 3rd Party Application Patching
24x7x365 Proactive System Monitoring Services, Alerting and Maintenance BRONZE SILVER GOLD PLATINUM
24x7x365 Monitoring, Alerting and Maintenance of Critical Infrastructure Including:
  Windows Servers, Physical and Virtual
  Desktops, Physical and Virtual
  Firewalls, Physical and Virtual
  Network Switching, Physical and Virtual
  Storage Area Network Hardware
  Cloud Application Services (Microsoft 365, Azure, etc)
  Server and SaaS Backups
  UPS Systems
  Office Wireless Network Infrastructure
Inventory and Configuration Management Services (CMDB) BRONZE SILVER GOLD PLATINUM
Managed IT Asset Tracking
Managed Software Licensing and Subscription Tracking
Managed Hardware Warranty Tracking
Managed Domain Name Services
Managed Secure Password Database
Managed Ordering, Shipping, and Receiving Services