Network & Infrastructure

  • Share files and collaborate
  • Have safe and secure remote access
  • Share network devices among multiple locations
  • Connect multiple office locations
  • Provide safe and secure backup power
  • Report on its applications and devices
Network & Infrastructure


A successful electrician’s business is a study in organization and scheduling. When we first met our client, they had a full schedule, regular work, and happy clients. So why were they feeling as if every day was a huge challenge to stay on schedule while keeping quality at a high level? Turns out none of their computers were networked. That is, they had 16 computers, but none of them were sharing information in any secure or organized way. Documents were not shared, sending files via email wasn’t a real option, and no one knew what others were working on. We designed and implemented a network featuring a firewall for security, and a server that connects all of their workstations so that they can now share and control access to all of their calendars and files.

They now have a true business network. They still have the same great service, but they feel less stressed and more happy about their day. The new-found efficiencies allowed them to open a new office in another city and hire more technicians. They say that it was like replacing their two square wheels with two round ones. We couldn’t say it better ourselves.


We don’t claim that all best practices apply to every company. But we have yet to meet a business that isn’t better off with a properly set up network at the core of its infrastructure. It’s all positives, no negatives. A well-managed network brings you security, reliability, and scalability. All things that business owners need to make their day run more smoothly.

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