Our Clients Say It Best

The best service, professionalism and response time.

Remote Techs allows us to do what we do best in the Cosmetic Dental Field. Their response time and attention to detail is amazing! They truly understand how important our needs are to have our infrastructure up and running. Remote Techs provides exceptional customer service and peace of mind, this was a great IT investment.

Dr. Wong.
Ellis C. Wong D.D.S. Inc.

The best response time you will ever experience.

Having relied upon internal IT as well as external IT firms, Remote Techs genuinely cares about its customers and treats individual customers as though they are the ONLY customer. Remote Techs prides itself on its customer service and it shows. Their response time resolving technical issues “IS THE BEST YOU WILL EVER EXPERIENCE”! If you are wondering which IT or MSP firm you should call to help manage your network, big or small, “get off the fence and get the technology you probably already have, working for you.” Remote Techs will help you do just that. In today’s world, technology can be your best competitive advantage; Remote Techs will certainly help you use your technology to gain competitive advantages over your competition.

Mark H.
Construction Industry

The service and professionalism that we have spent years searching for.

RemoteTechs has given us the service and professionalism that we have spent years searching for. The outstanding attention to detail, timely response, and dependable service exceeds our expectation since the onset of our contract. Remote ticket system on how to get support is an exceptional way to keep our requests organized as well as a successful manner of communicating. Quarterly customer report providing important insight into our environment, improvements that could enhance our system is very impressive and easy to visualize.

Danielle D.
Operations Manager
Translation Services Industry

Why Remote Techs? They are quick, efficient and knowledgeable!

We needed an IT firm that understood our business and could communicate effectively with our team. Remote Techs had the experience and professionalism that we were looking for. I’ve been impressed that our IT Professional has gotten to know all of our employees and truly understands their computer needs. Not only do they manage our overall network, they provide a more individualized service to each user. Remote Techs has definitely provided the results and peace of mind that we were looking for.

Martin M.
Distribution and Logistics Industry

We rely on our network, and that’s why we rely on Remote Techs.

Bailey L.
Executive Director
Non-Profit Organization

Remote Techs has a proven track record of excellence.

I have been using Remote Techs since 1998 and we have always had great support. It gives us peace of mind knowing that I don’t have to invest time trying to keep up with the skills training to manage technology for our office! Remote Techs has the professional staff with the skills and competence that frees me up to focus on other core business functions. They don’t let us down and are open with their communication and status updates. Remote Techs has a proven track record of excellence. Remote Techs is a choice we stand by. IT is an investment, why risk the selection when you don’t have to.

Mark S.
Event Production Industry

Remote Techs takes care of our network so that I can focus on our business.

As a startup, and especially a family business,my Dad would look at me to handle all the tech issues that arise at our office.As we grew and scaled, from 2 computers to now close to 30, it became way too time consuming for me to do everything. RemoteTechs was able to step in and take the reigns. I was able to outsource the task of managing our systems and servers to them giving me time to handle the more important aspects of running our business. What impresses me the most is their response time and their attention to detail.

Sameer S.
Tax Preparation Services

Thanks to Remote Techs we are not slowed down by technology, and our sensitive data is safe.

I could not imagine operating at the pace we do without you guys. It’s an amazing feeling to know that Remote Techs is just a call away and ALWAYS finds a way to save us from disaster. We can trust you to the utmost when it comes to our secure info, Internally and externally. I’m sure there are some great IT companies out there, but I could not ask for a better one than Remote Techs.

Michael R.
Financial and Insurance Services

They resolved a pain point that other IT companies said was unfixable.

As a company of 75+ employees we have our own full time IT staff, but nobody with a background in voip systems. We had an outdated cisco phone system that we were told was end of life and 9 out of 10 techs we reached out to refused to work on our system, and the ones that did failed. We were having a few issues, but overall our pbx was still healthy and functional. Everybody who came out to troubleshoot the issues told us there was nothing that could be done, and sent us a bill or a quote for a new phone system. Our company, being in a growth phase, just couldn’t justify spending tens of thousands of dollars on a new system. Remote techs worked with us to troubleshoot and help extend the life of our phone system. Through the whole process they were honest and forthcoming with us and focused on our issue, without trying to sell us on an alternative. They weren’t afraid of the challenge of an issue that others said was unfixable. Remote techs will be the only people we call for our future IT consulting needs.

Jake S.
Loan Officer
Mortgage Loan Industry