Our Methodology

The heart of any good organized is its people, and technology should serve those people. We work differently from any other IT company because we take a holistic and sequential approach with our clients. We believe that a successful and sustainable business is built upon many things, and effective technology lies at the foundation. Our proprietary PIMM methodology ensures that your solutions address what YOU need from your technology while adhering to industry best practices for security, reliability, and speed.

This Client said it Best

One of our clients said it best when he called us his network’s personal trainer / nutritionist. We asked what he meant by that. he said his business’s old technology team wasn’t showing the desired results. He said it was like paying for a gym membership that wasn’t doing much for anyone, except for the gym that was receiving a nice monthly payment. He said he wanted his business to grow. He wanted ideas, accountability, transparency, control, and results. So, he graduated from a tired, non-productive gym membership (old tech company) to a great personal trainer and nutritionist (Remote Techs.)

Why Remote Techs?

It goes back to why we started this business and why we love working with our clients every day.

We are passionate about growing our business, and we find the best way to do this is by helping our clients grow theirs.

Our PIMM process enable us to guide our clients down a natural path where they see their business flourish, as their power and efficiencies unfold through technology.

if you’d like to learn more then we’d like to sit down with you for a discussion and see if there is a fit.

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