Search Engine Optimization

  • Build trust and credibility
  • Organically rank higher in Google
  • Get higher-quality inbound leads
  • Reduce its media buying spend
  • Build a long-term marketing strategy
  • Reduce its reliance on paid advertising
SEO - Search Engine Optimization


The mortgage business can be lucrative. Our client generates mortgage refinance sales leads, and then sells these leads to various banks. Some of these leads, depending on criteria such as zip code, credit rating, and income, sell for as much as $120 per lead. On a typical day, they sell over 500 leads. Naturally, they want more higher-priced leads to sell. Yet they had a problem. Their sole way of generating these leads was through paid advertising on Google and Facebook. So that $120 sale sometimes cost them $115 or more in lead generation costs. The solution was search engine optimization (SEO). We advised them on how they could organically rank much higher on all the search engines with a consistent and targeted SEO plan. They are now spending 60% less on media buys, and their SEO-generated leads are the highest-quality / most in-demand leads amongst their buyers. Since the start of their SEO campaign, their daily average lead sale price has jumped from $8 to over $12, and it continues to rise. Perhaps the best part of these efforts is the owner saying how she is no longer stressed every day by the likelihood that one of their media buys won’t bring in any high-quality leads. That’s the kind of confidence that every business owner should feel every day.


Being an IT company gives us a unique perspective on all parts of our clients’ business. This has gradually moved us into becoming a more holistic business partner than just about any other IT company out there.

Our clients are always asking for ways to get better, and increasing their revenue and margins is usually at the top of their lists. Search Engine Marketing is a smart play for the reasons detailed above, and also because it’s likely that few of their competitors are patient enough to stick with a well-developed SEO strategy. Good things will happen for companies that are.