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Security and Firewall – A powerful add-on providing essential IT systems security protection

Reporting on your current AV status is built right in to Remote Techs Endpoint Security. No report configuration required, no separate app, or web page to load. It’s right there.

Of course Remote Tech’s Info Center has a deep reporting feature set that allows for:

  • User defined reports
  • Scheduling
  • E-mail notification
  • Export HTML, Excel or Word

Security in today’s IT infrastructure is more about layers then about single points of defense. Security and Firewall protect the outer layer of your network, your endpoints can be critical. Endpoint protection starts with a high Endpoint Security and malware detection and prevention engine.

With these challenges, how do you know if your endpoints are secure? Does every site need a local update server? Have you ever seen machines on the network but been unable to verify definitions, or scan status? What if you can’t get your AV vendor’s management system to push out the latest updates or version?

Because Remote Techs is also your systems management platform you can be certain those endpoints are protected because your ability to manage the ENTIRE system is inside the Remote Tech IT Managment Framework. Managing best in class security with our world class IT Automation Framework.

Protection from Viruses, Worms and Trojans

Analyze and detect unwanted executable applications or DLL libraries within the system that may be spyware, adware etc. Based upon the security profile, Remote Techs Endpoint Security will remove these programs or block access to them.



Scan the system registry for suspicious entries, temporary Internet files and tracking cookies, and treat the potentially harmful items in the same manner as any other infection.

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  • IconScanning On-access and on demand scanning
  • IconGeneric Detection Detection of instructions characteristic of the virus or group of viruses
  • IconHeuristic Analysis Dynamic emulation of a scanned object’s instructions within a virtual computing environment
  • Known Virus Detection Searching for character strings characteristic of a virus


Email Scanner

Checks incoming and outgoing mail by using plug-ins designed for the most frequently used e-mail programs. The E-mail Scanner is an additional program for electronic mail monitoring and is designed for applications supporting the POP3/SMTP protocols. Once detected, viruses are cleaned or quarantined. Some e-mail clients may support messages with text certifying that sent and received e-mail has been scanned for viruses.
In addition, for an increased level of security when working with electronic mail, the Attachment Filter can be set by defining undesirable or suspect files.


Real-Time Protection

Scans files as they are copied, opened or saved. When the Real Time Protection discovers a virus in a file that is accessed, it stops the operation currently being performed and does not allow the virus to activate itself. The Real Time Protection, loaded in the memory of the computer during system startup, also provides vital protection for the system areas of the computer.


On-Demand Scans

Scanning is a crucial part of Remote Tech Endpoint Security functionality. Scans can be run on-demand or scheduled to run periodically at convenient times. Remote Tech Endpoint Security comes with pre-defined security profiles along with the ability to create customer profiles.


Spyware is usually defined as a type of malware (software that gathers information from a computer without the user’s knowledge or consent). Some spyware applications may also be deliberately installed and often contain advertisements, window pop-ups or different types of unpleasant software. Ideally, spyware and other malware should be prevented from intruding. Currently, the most common source of infection is websites with potentially dangerous content. Other methods of transmission include e-mail or transmission by worms and viruses. The most important protection is to use an always-on background scanner, such as the cutting edge Remote Tech Spyware component. It works like a resident shield and scans applications in the background as they run.

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Automated Deployment

As a fully integrated component of the Remote Tech IT Management Platform, Remote Tech Endpoint Security is configured, deployed and managed from the same Remote Tech interface that administrators already use to manage their computing environments, making implementation seamless and easy. Once deployed, the system is monitored to ensure protection is active and enabled. Utilizing the Remote Tech proactive practice, updates are handled automatically on a scheduled basis without the need for user interaction. Security protection is then always up and running and kept up-to date. All activity and information detected is logged and stored in the Remote Tech database and is available for executive summary and detailed management reporting.

Virus Detection

The Scanning engine has received numerous awards for its excellent detection of “in the wild” viruses, including the VB100% award. Its unique combination of detection methods provides full protection against viruses, worms and trojans.



A one page snapshot of your current Endpoint Security status for deployed agents. The dashboard displays at-a-glance information on licensing, current and top threats, and even client version information.

Manual Update

There are times when administrators will need to push updates manually to an agent or group of agents and Remote Techs Endpoint Security makes that easy. From the Manual Update section you can see source locations, last update times, version info, and the next scheduled update time.

Schedule Scan

Leveraging Remote Techs automation framework, see last scan information, and scheduling scans is simple and efficient.

View Threats and Logs

Having visibility into agent threat status is imperative for proper troubleshooting and remediation. Knowing which threat is attacking an agent and where that threat is showing up on that system can speed diagnosis and help identify problematic users and/or usage patterns. Couple threat visibility with direct access to the machines logs means that admins never need to leave Remote Tech to get the data they need to solve problems and protect the network.


As a separately licensed module, knowing how many Endpoint Security agents are deployed, expiring, or about to be expiring is very important. You can even extend licenses from this menu to avoid having to remove and redeploy the AV components.


Pushing out Endpoint Security to your machines is both easy and powerful. Not only can you push out Endpoint Security manually, you can schedule the installation and customize it with customizeable user prompts, and specific install options. Configurable options include:

  • protection components (mail, file, web, links)
  • ownership information
  • software options like tray icon behavior and target directory
  • auto disable of Windows Defender
  • pre/post install scripts
Define/Assign Profiles

A key benefit of Remote Tech’s Endpoint Security is the ability to create profiles. Profiles are configurations that can be built for use in deployment to similar groups of computers. Examples of profile uses include server profiles, laptops, desktops, even department or customer based. This allows Endpoint Security to be pre-configured for whatever scenario you require be it technical, organizational, or even financial.

MS Exchange

The Exchange Status page displays the status of email protection on MS Exchange servers that have Remote Tech Endpoint Security installed on them. During the install of Endpoint Security on a machine, if MS Exchange is detected, the plugin for MS Exchange email protection is automatically installed.

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Security Alarms

Knowing when certain Endpoint Security software/component statuses change is absolutely imperative to maintaining secure systems. Security Alarms allow the administrator to configure which events should be recognized as Security Alarms and then allows those alarm profiles to be applied to groups.

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The core sets of functions performed by the Remote Tech framework are: deployment, configuration, execution, update, logging, reporting, monitoring and remediation. These functions are part of the core tasks an IT professional performs on a daily basis. Remote Tech’s Endpoint Security leverages this framework to allow full control of your endpoint protection.

  • Discover new systems and automatically
  • Install and configure Endpoint Security as new systems enter the network
  • Deploy configuration templates and standards
  • Log any changes
  • Be alerted when security events occur
  • Monitor definition update status

The agent-based architecture of Remote Tech adds greater value than domain-bound technology. Domain-based and so-called agent-less technologies are useful in a single network where all resources are directly visible on the corporate LAN/WAN. Remote Tech’s technology is lightweight and forms its own, completely secure TCP connection with the server; without the need for address management, implementation of port mapping schemes at each site or the establishment of cumbersome VPNs to all the sites.

IT automation is the key for transitioning from a reactive environment to a proactive, results based IT service delivery model. Remote Tech provides unparalleled automation of periodic IT tasks required to manage and maintain systems and devices. Good data drives good decisions, and having a tool that allows you to automate the process of managing your AV infrastructure is imperative. With our Endpoint Security’ deep integration into the Remote Tech IT Automation Framework you can schedule scans and updates to conform to any policy or requirements, and automatically respond to exceptions.

  • User defined reports
  • Scheduling
  • E-mail notification
  • Export to HTML, Excel or Word