Cyber Security Company IS IMPORTANT IF:
  • You have sensitive information
  • You allow data to be accessed outside your office
  • You have more than one password to remember
  • You have more than one person working in your company…
  • You care about your business…


We got a call from one of our customers saying that their inboxes were getting flooded with thousands of emails and if we can stop it. Upon further review we found that a hacking team had coordinated an attack on the CEO which lead to them getting a duplicate SIM card of his phone and initiating a Bank Wire for almost every penny that they had in their bank account. If not for our quick actions, this customer would have potentially lost everything and gone out of business.

In the past it might have seemed safe to think that hackers don’t care about your data, or that you’re too small to be a target. Well, that has all changed over the past 10 years and everyone is a target… especially small businesses that don’t pay attention to security. Small businesses make an easier target than the Big Corporations that spend millions in security each year. They don’t have to go after that big payday when they can hit small businesses that have their guard down and willing to pay small amounts of money just for the headache to go away. Don’t be that target!


Simply put, we know how to protect you from the threat of losing data, money, sleep and potentially your business. Our security specialists have been educated on the latest threats and technologies you should be using to protect your business.

If you are unsure about the security of your data, then call Remote Techs and schedule a review of your security systems. Our solutions get you to a place where you can confidently sleep at night knowing that your data is truly safe.