• Centralized storage and security
  • Shared applications and printing
  • Centralized management
  • Reporting and monitoring


A long time customer that has been in business for 70 years needed help. They are a boutique woodworking company that builds custom creations that are amazing and one of kind. They design and create everything by hand; from cabinetry, to furniture, to custom fixtures, to spiral staircases. When the real estate market turned for the worse, they saw their business take a tumble and the need to adopt better efficiencies was obvious. They turned to us for help and expertise in their efforts to consolidate. We took the years of drawings, sketches, and plans, and put them all into one location that all their craftsmen could access and draw from. We also gave them the ability to search for documents electronically and turn week-long projects into day-long tasks. This also significantly reduced the chance of redoing plans that had already been done before. And finally, our system gave them fast and easy visibility on all of their clients. The ability to query and share information and customer history has radically changed their business … and one of the nicest compliments we’ve received from a client came in an email a few weeks later, “You’ve helped save my business and my grandfather who started the business is so proud of me!” It’s just technology but it can remake industries, even those that have no automated tools or software.

Why Remote Techs For Enterprise Servers?

This time it was taking a hand-built business that created handmade items and showing them what collaboration could do. Their new server gave their craftsmen access to a bigger catalog of ideas and gave the owners visibility on all their clients. That client list enabled them to reach out to existing clients who were fans of their products and offer them news and promotions. No expensive marketing, just a call, “About that coffee table we built you, would you like some end tables?” The new orders keep coming in. Sometimes the simplest of technical changes make the biggest differences in how a business functions. Take a look at your business’s foundation and let’s examine where change can be positive for your company.