Software Solutions

  • A custom solution that fits the way you operate
  • A single system for all your data and workflow
  • To move away from off-the-shelf software that doesn’t fit your business, yet keeps billing you monthly
Software Solutions


On a routine Quarterly Business Review with a new customer of 3 months, we discovered a problem. We found that their 4 sales reps were creating quotes in 4 different ways, and the support staff was entering the same information into 4 different software systems because they could not find a singlesystem under $500,000 that would do everything they needed.

Remote Techs evaluated their workflow and documented the process which the client described as their “way of doing things”. We sent the requirements to 3 software companies They were all confident that their respective solutions would meet the requirements. Upon further research, several demos, and even an in-depth testing of the system that was closest to what we wanted, we ultimately found that the customer would have to change significant portions of their workflow in order to implement and benefit from the third party software. The lowest cost of the 3 was $150,000.

Remote Techs proposed to custom build a software package that would streamline workflow, improvethe ordering and billing processes, eliminate the need for quadruple entry, and resolve the quoting problem. Our solution was so effective that they saw a return on their investment within 6 months.


With over 100 years of combined experience in business computing, Remote Techs understands business process and best practices. This sets us apart from our competition. Software design and development becomes a wasteful burden if the software developer does not fully understand the business processes and problems that the software needs to resolve.