The Cloud


  • Easy and fast to set up and use
  • Frees up IT resources
  • Lowest cost of acquisition
  • Increased speed of expansion
  • Flexible and easy to scale

This Really Happened

We got a call from a prospective client that was suffering from their technology not keeping pace with their growth. After searching for the right MSP, she called Remote Techs and wanted to meet. She complained that her new hires were waiting days to be able to use their systems. the software they needed was becoming cost-prohibitive, and it was taking too long to configure everything for each staff member as she had dozens of people with different configurations loaded on each machine. After a discussion about what her ultimate goals were, we developed a plan that moved her desktops and software to the Microsoft Azure cloud. Within a month, her new hires were set up before they arrived, and desktop configurations that used to take hours were ready in minutes with one-click deployment. Finally, her network was standardized, fast, efficient and most of all, reliable. Each staff member could perform all the tasks required by their department and could communicate quickly with other team members. The icing on the cake was that the deployment ended up saving about 18% in software costs alone, compared to the standard desktops. Labor was reduced to less than 30 minutes per new hire per month, down from 6+ hours. And now she can grow her business to her heart’s content.

Why Remote Techs?

For the right company on a rapid growth schedule … the cloud can be a great tool. It takes a practiced eye to determine the benefit of cloud providers and to implement the systems required for businesses on those platforms. Companies that don’t read the fine print will realize that few if any cloud providers perform backups on their customer’s data and systems; and that it is up to the customer to add those protections in place. Knowing your cloud provider well and working with them on a frequent basis shows the strengths and weaknesses that each provider brings to the table. A careful choice can lead to limitless growth without capital expenditures. The wrong choice can lead to catastrophe. Give us a call if you think that the cloud might be a good move for your business.