Security Cameras

  • Monitor valuable inventory
  • Monitor and/or record employee activity
  • Prevent and deter crime
  • Protect your staff
  • Increase customer confidence
  • View live from your mobile device

This Really Happened

Our client had a big problem – staff and contractor theft/loss. They had millions of dollars worth of retail merchandise moving through their distribution warehouses daily. Everything from shoes, to skateboards, to furniture. Deliveries arrived in one end, they were scanned, stacked, then departed on trucks at the other end. It’s a very organized operation, yet merchandise was getting lost. For example, 100 boxes would arrive, but only 97 would make final delivery to the client location. Each and every lost box was costing our client money. They were paying tens of thousands of dollars in losses. Meanwhile, fingers were being pointed in every direction except toward the solution. Continued changes started to show a connection between losses and certain staff and contractors, but without proof, it was hard to make changes. We met with management and they made the decision to have us install over 200 cameras in two of their warehouses. They no longer have a theft problem, their current workforce feels much better about their jobs and they are no longer paying big monthly fines. Perhaps most importantly, their valued clients no longer view them as the distributor that keeps losing merchandise.

Why Remote Techs?

In short – reliability. We install commercial-grade security camera systems that business owners can rely on. Regardless of your industry or size, you just need to know that your camera system did its job. We have installed all types of camera systems; indoors, outdoors, high off the ground, underground, wired, and wireless. We are focused on learning what you need your camera system to do, and from that dialogue comes the perfect system for your business.