Voice and Data

  • Lower cost flat rate local and long distance
  • More affordable international calling
  • Enterprise calling features
  • More simplicity and convenience
  • Soft client mobility
  • Reporting and remote management


On a routine stop, one of our clients was approached by their local phone company and pitched how being on a VoIP phone system would save them money, improve business, and allow them to be on the leading edge of corporate technology. After sitting through the presentation and demo of all the “cool” features the system could do, they agreed to switch and signed a 3-year agreement which included a lightning fast “fiber” internet connection. By the time we found out about the change it was too late and ultimately this turned out to be one of the worst mistakes they could have made. The first issue was a promised 45-day installation window for the new internet connection which took almost 9 months. Once the internet was installed, they began the setup and configuration of the phone system and the porting of phone numbers. Their main number of almost 30 years had been disconnected and lost in the void of the BIG Bell company. Worst of all they probably waited on hold for the equivalent of a 40-hour work week trying to explain the situation to 40 different technicians and account managers. We stepped in and helped get them out of their contract and onto a system that would help advance their company to a 50% revenue growth in 3 years.


Since the invention of the telephone, businesses have benefited from the ability to quickly converse with their customers and vendors to increase sales and resolve problems. Second to a face-to-face visit, a phone call can often improve the quality and speed of business. And since the deregulation of the Big Bells, many new phone providers have emerged, making it very difficult to choose which system is right for your business. In some cases, you may have tried another VoIP provider and had a horrible experience. Don’t be discouraged if your initial foray into VoIP didn’t go well. There are some fantastic VoIP providers and some wonderful benefits to the businesses who use them. Remote Techs will help you along the way. Call us today!

How Much Does Network Cabling Cost?

Typical Range:$187 – $630

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