• Be taken seriously by its customers
  • Be found in search results
  • Keep up and thrive in a competitive industry
  • Find and engage with customers online
  • Keep clients updated on product information
  • Answer common questions quickly


Our client had plenty of business and plenty of revenue. As a furniture manufacturer with a recognizable brand, over 70 years’ worth of relationships, and regular orders, they could feel good about their future. That is until two of their biggest accounts closed their doors. After a month of scrambling, they decided to start selling direct-to-consumer along with selling to big chain stores. The problem was no one outside of their long-time customers had ever heard of them. They had no website, no online existence, no online strategy. This role reversal put them far behind their competitors. The big store buyers put them on pause until they had an online presence. Their ideal customers are now just learning about who they are, despite the company’s long, rich history. We built a website and implemented a marketing strategy for them. These work together to communicate their brand in a way that speaks true to them, as well as to their customers. The result is a new approach where they are speaking directly to their customers more than ever before. Testimonials, referrals, and a growing “farm” list of prospects is now their main focus. They have their work cut out for them, but because of their quality product and openness to adapt, they are on their way to becoming a successful direct retailer.


Managing and protecting your technology is only half of the picture. We have designed our business to grow as our clients grow. And so we are invested in your success.

Winning online means managing several moving parts. The central piece is your website. In most cases, this is the star and workhorse of your marketing efforts. Unlike you, your website can be everywhere at once, and play multiple roles. We build websites and marketing plans that serve your brand, your goals, and your audience.