Google Calls Out Microsoft For Security Issue


Depending on who you ask, Google’s Project Zero is either the thing that’s going to singlehandedly save the internet, or the bane of many companies’ existence. It’s easy to…

Traditional Hard Drive Technology Is Evolving


Rumors of the death of HDD technology have been greatly exaggerated. The advancement of solid state technology and its increasing rate of adoption has been largely responsible for this,…

IRS Labeled Email Could Contain Ransomware


There’s a new strain of the “Rapid Ransomware” making the rounds, and because of how it’s being transmitted, it’s destined to have a higher than average rate of infection….

Google Will Get Tougher On Websites Not Using HTTPS


Google is poised to make an important change to its Chrome browser beginning in July 2018.

Here’s the summary from Emily Schechter, the Google Chrome Security Product Manager:

“For the past…

2018 Olympics Hit By Malware


Hackers are picky about their victims. They’ll target just about any group or organization, including the 2018 Olympics.

Cisco’s Talos Group recently identified a new strain of malware they’ve dubbed…